About Us

So where is Paradise?

Seil Island- home of Paradise KitchenFor us, Paradise is the Isle of Seil, a jewel set in the Atlantic off the coast of Argyll – yet conveniently connected to the rest of Scotland by the Clachan Bridge. Blessed with a mild climate and lapped by the gulf stream, Seil’s abundant wild harvests first gave us the inspiration for Paradise Kitchen. Wherever possible we use freshly picked local ingredients, wild or cultivated, while the rest of our ingredients are sourced from Fairtrade suppliers.


What is special about our products?

We believe that it is possible to capture the flavour of Paradise in a jar. Our recipes are unique, developed here in our island kitchen and tested to perfection before being jarred ready for their journey into the wider world. Once you have tasted paradise everything else is just food.



All our products are shipped in new glass jars. Obviously this adds considerably to the weight and consequently to the shipping price, but even so we believe you will find our products well worth the money; in Paradise a little goes a long way.

Oban Argyll Scotland PA34 4TN